Currency - What is the South African Currency?

South Africa uses a Decimal Currency system.

The Currency is made up of Rands (R) and Cents (c), 100 cents equals one Rand 


Many stores charge prices that do not exactly match the coinage so a "rounding down" process takes place. For example the item is marked R5.99 (Five Rand and ninety nine cents). The merchant will round down to R5.95

Coins in circulation 2010

"Copper"  5c, 10c, 20c, 50c

"Silver" R1.00, R2.00 R5.00


R10.00, R20.00, R50.00, R100.00, R200.00

In May 2010 South Africa removed the "old" R200 from circulation. A new R200 note was introduced some time ago. The "old" notes are not legal tender. Do not accept R200 notes from anyone other than Banks and reputable merchants unless you are fully aware of what a "new" R200 note looks like and what the "old" note looks like.

For up to date currency conversions contact or your bankers. 

For in depth study of South African Currency go to Wikipedia or the South African Reserve Bank




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